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  • What file type should I submit?
    To submit your artwork to us, you'll need to provide two files. The first file is your Placement Preview which will be a mock-up of your design on a t-shirt. The second file is your High-Resolution Art file. This image will reflect your vision of the sizing and placement of the design on apparel. Your Placement Preview needs to be submitted as a 1200x1200 PNG. Your High-Resolution Art file needs to be submitted as a 6000x6000 PNG at 180 dpi.
  • Is there a limit to the colors I can use in my design?
    There are no color limitations for us. All products will be printed and shipped on demand using Direct to Garment printing which allows for unlimited colors.
  • Can you design my artwork?
    Absolutely! We have in-house graphic designers that are very qualified to get you a great looking design. Art fees range from 350-1400 depending on the complexity of the design. Art turnaround takes 3-5 business days. Contact us today to get a custom quote on your art needs.
  • What is your maximum printing size?
    Our maximum dimensions are mostly determined by the available space on the garment. The standard printing press pallet size is about 15" wide by 23" tall. Exceeding these dimensions may result in printing over seams, pockets, collars, etc. Jumbo printing may be available upon request, but please contact someone today to talk through your sizing options.
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